Wise Vinyl Care

Your New Seat Requires Routine Care

While the upholstery on your seat is made to withstand the effects of sun, heat, rain and soiling under normal conditions, it is important to care for your seat by keeping it clean. Keeping your seat covered will protect against UV degradation, leaf and pollen stains and dramatically reduce cleaning time. Camo printed vinyl is especially vulnerable to fading from excessive UV exposure. Use a cover that allows for ventilation, typical plastic bags and tarps that do not allow for ventilation may promote mold, mildew and pink staining of the vinyl on your seat and is NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR WARRANTY.
Harsh detergents, abrasives, bleach, solvents and suntan lotion can cause permanent damage to vinyl upholstery. Do not clean with power washers, they can generate 3500 psi and damage your upholstery. This damage is NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR WARRANTY.

Use the Following Vinyl Care and Cleaning Guide When Cleaning your Vinyl Upholstery and Removing Stains

Wise Marine Vinyl Care Chart

Wise Marine Vinyl Cleaner Recommended for All Boat Seats